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Welcome to the Captain’s Blog at the Port of Port Royal.

From here you can catch up on life at the Port of Port Royal. Maybe you come and visit the ole’ Capt’n sometime. He’s happy to welcome all of our new shipmates aboard! He loves to tell the tale about how there’s no bridge to obstruct egress or wakes causin’ “Dead Slow” access to’n from the Atlantic, and how this port is the deepest natural seaport on the East Coast of these United States. When you moor up here, you’ll see why Capt’n Jean Ribault set up stakes here back in 1562. Moor yourself up here at Port of Port Royal an’ call it “Home Port” from your own Slip to Quarters’n Billets or Gallys, Pubs an’ Inns! Before you shove off, look down at the bottom of this page and sign up for the Captain’s updates, you can stop it at any time and we promise you won’t be press-ganged… by us anyway.

  • Coming April 8th, 2018 Deep Water Music Festival

    FREE ADMISSION! Coming April 8th, 2018 "Deep Water Music Festival."  Music - Food - Beer - Golf! Music performances by: Boomtown Waifs - Big Sky Revival - Buckdancers - The Plow Boys - Little Brother -  Sponsored by Grey Ghost Outfitters and Port Royal Outfitters. [...]

  • A Sailor’s Anthem

    A Sailor's Anthem Here's an Audio Visualizer video we put together to commemorate the Sailor in us all. Welcome aboard Shipmates! Let's make Port of Port Royal our Home Port. https://www.facebook.com/PortofPortRoyal/videos/1686847478005215/

  • If these were available, who would want one?

    If these were available, who would want one?

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