Port Royal, SC… Rare and Valuable!

Port Royal has been authentic for over 450 years.

We firmly believe the existing village of Port Royal is as rare and valuable as the incredible piece of property we have the privilege to develop.  Maybe even more rare and valuable.  In today’s world of development where it’s everyone’s desire to establish overnight authenticity out of thin air, Port Royal has been authentic for over 450 years.  We are not charged with creating a town and attitude that doesn’t exist, we’ve already got it.  We invite you to come and enjoy Port Royal today.  Charming shops, restaurants, and businesses are here and more importantly a village of people who love to share this very special place.

Saturday Farmers Market–

Every Saturday morning til Noon at the Port Royal Naval Park come enjoy the best locally grown produce, locally harvested shrimp and oysters, as well as local culinary creations that you can stack up to anywhere in the world.  The Lowcountry is known not only for its fresh seafood but incredible small farm agriculture.  And we’re also known for people that know what to do with it.  Cooking and food preparation around here is a passion and tradition that combines culture, character, and cuisine with people that love to share it.  A regular weekly trip to the Port Royal Market makes Whole Foods look like a gas station vending machine.  Don’t miss it.

The Spanish Moss Trail, Boardwalk and walking trails—

Port Royal is not only blessed with unmatched beauty but several ways to enjoy it.  The Spanish Moss Trail (SMT) is a “rails-to-trails” bike, jogging and walking path that currently runs over 12 miles through incredible Lowcountry scenery.  The SMT currently stops at the head of the development tract and very soon will extend through the development and conclude at our waterfront park.  Yet, there is so much of the SMT you can enjoy today.  Stop by Pluff Mudd Coffee and Bike Rental and check it out.

The Port Royal Cypress Wetlands is another stunning park and path running through the village…  Perfect for bird watching and exposure to a very special pristine natural setting.  The Boardwalk at Sands Beach offers an entirely different experience. Built along the Port Royal Sound and Stretching from Sands Beach to the Port Village, this boardwalk features a four-story observation tower. A perfect launching spot for a seaside walk, and fishing. Pick up some fresh bait or cold beverages at the Last Chance Bait & Tackle at the corner of 8th & London.

Butler Marine Drystack Storage–

NOW OPEN, our 240 rack Drystack Boat Storage offers the best in convenient hassle-free boating.  Call ahead to have your boat dropped in and our staff will take care to of the rest.  It’ll be waiting for you when you arrive. Gassed up, beer on ice and when you return from your day on the water, pull up to the dock and we’ll take care of it from there.  Cleaned and returned to covered and secured storage you’ll enjoy the use of your boat without having to deal with the logistics of boat ramps or the expense of bottom painting and long-term exposure to the elements.

Sands Beach–

Sands Beach is the only beach in South Carolina that offers full vehicle access.  That’s right, drive your car right out to the beach, park and enjoy your day.  As the development progresses we’ll have a beachside bar/restaurant/arcade. Soon you’ll be able to enjoy a fresh Shrimp Burger and a cold draft beer but, there no reason not to enjoy The Sands right now.  Stop by New York Pizza on Paris Ave for great Pizza and Italian Sub and stop by the Bait Shop for cold beer and bait and have a great day!

Or just walk the site–

We’ve been busy cleaning up the site after years of neglect from the Ports Authority.  Dock 21 at the Port of Port Royal was not only an underutilized port drowned out by the naturally shallower ports of Savannah and Charleston, it was also neglected in terms general cleanness.  We’ve been attacking this will enthusiastic aggression.  And the results are stunning.  If you haven’t seen what a little bit of housecleaning will do for such an amazing property, we invite you to come take a look.  You will be impressed and we hope you’ll want to make Port Royal a regular visit if not something a bit more permanent.


We look forward to adding your company to the list partners working with us.
Port of Port Royal… No Bridges, No Barriers, No Delays between you and the Atlantic!